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The Little 500

Earlier this year I watched Breaking Away for the first time. I’m new to cycling, so I’m just now getting in on all the things cyclists love. Like Breaking Away. I thought it was tremendously enjoyable.

The 1997 Little 500. (From Wikipedia)

But, I had no clue that the race featured in the movie, The Little 500, was an actual event. I thought it was clearly something made up just to work for the movie. I mean, really, a bicycle relay race on Roadmaster bikes with platform pedals on a short track, please.

Boy, was I wrong. And I learned that this past weekend when I saw that my DVR had recorded some cycling. I figured I was going to get settled in to watch one of the Classics that NBC Sports has been showing this year. No sir, it was the very Little 500 that I believed to be a movie creation.

Here it was, the real thing. I was floored. And intrigued. Turns out it’s been going on for 62 years! I’ve been watching competitive cycling for a couple of years now and it was very strange to watch this. I mean it took me this long to figure out what was going on in UCI events.

The Little 500 seems like a lot of fun. When I win the lottery and can go watch all these great cycling events live, that one will be on the list. I can’t imagine that there’s anything else like it.

I recommend giving it a watch next year. It’ll be on HDNET. I’ll be watching, trying to figure out just what in the hell is going on and how the hell these kids pedal so fast without clipless pedals.