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Brutal week, so far

After my crazy battle with the wind on Sunday, my usual off-the-bike day of Monday was welcome. Welcome, that is, until Tuesday. My legs, still pissed about Sunday, were in no mood to get going Tuesday morning. Which leads me to believe, that even though they would’ve argued Monday, they probably would’ve been OK with the world by Tuesday.

So, my Tuesday ride started slow. Did my usual 12.4-mile morning ride. Nothing special. Although, it is rather annoying at how bundled up I had to get for a day in which the temperature eventually reached the 70s.

Not more annoying than what came with Wednesday morning’s ride, though.

Same route Wednesday as Tuesday, but very disappointing that the results of the ride were so similar. My legs felt fine Wednesday morning and I had a good thing going as I cruised down Favre. In fact, the majority of the ride I was making pretty good time, not killing myself, but had a good ride going. That was until I turned around and met the wind. Here it was 7:30 a.m. and the wind had already started gusting away.

Granted, it wasn’t anything near Sunday’s level of wind. The gusts were probably only of the 10 mph variety. But, it takes the wind out of your sails that early in the morning after the first 30 minutes of riding were absolutely wind free.

I trudged on home, once again, feeling beaten by the wind. And as I showered to get ready for the work day I realized, if I had just gone on my 15-mile loop, I would’ve had tailwinds and crosswinds on the way home, rather than a headwind and crosswind. Serves me right for just taking the familiar way out.

I have got to start working the 15-mile loop into the morning routine.