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The weekend that was

Good rides this weekend. I took an unexpected day off Friday and snuck in a 25-mile ride (see above). Beats my typical 12.4-mile morning ride. Saturday was my wife’s birthday. She typically works on the weekends, but took the day off so we could celebrate properly. After a rare and great day with her, I went out for another 25-mile trip (see below, pretty similar ride).

Sunday was the weekly training ride for The Ranch Ride (above). Probably had my best ride of the year this week. We went out to Morrilton and back. I somehow managed to stay way out front of the intermediate group for most of the trip out to Morrilton. What started out as a little four-man group out front, dissolved to just two. Finally, the rest of the intermediate pack caught us. Just in time, because I was just about fried, when they came rushing back.

I jumped on the back and got a nice break the rest of the way to the turnaround spot. When we turned around, I was feeling good again. I was in second wheel, so I took a good pull pretty early on on the trip back. When it was time to take another pull, we came to the realization that we had lost some riders. By the time I was done pulling this time, I went to the back of what was now only three riders.

Once I got to the back, I couldn’t hang on. Happens every week. Now I was caught in the middle again. Two riders in front of me, the rest of the pack so far back I had no idea where they were. So I trudged on. Caught up to pieces of the beginner group ride as I worked my way home. Those were the only riders I saw as I moseyed on home.

Nearly at home, I proceeded to make a dumb shift and threw my chain off the bike. Not exactly the ideal time to do that. After riding 40-ish miles, the last several in a pretty good head wind, having to stop to fix something that could’ve been avoided really steams you. But, I popped the chain back on, collected myself and made the rest of the short trip home.

A great weekend of riding. This week it’s going to resemble summer in Arkansas, I don’t know if I’m ready for all that, but we’ll see. The big Tour de Toad is this weekend. I wish I had a green jersey to wear.