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Arkansas Times celebrates 20 years as a newspaper

Arkansas Times celebrates 20 years as a newspaper

Happy birthday, AT!

This week, the Arkansas Times celebrates its 20th anniversary as a newspaper. The Times is really 37 years old, the first 17 years of its life were as a monthly magazine. The closing of the venerable Arkansas Gazette was one factor that led to the decision to convert the Times into a newspaper.

I, for one, am glad that the decision was made. I’m equally as glad that they saw fit to bring me in to work with them a couple years ago. I absolutely love working at the Times and am proud to work with journalists the caliber we have on staff.

This issue was a monster. We have a relatively small staff and we put in just an enormous number of hours of research, scanning, digging and cursing to put this thing together. It was all a blur Monday and Tuesday as we put the finishing touches on the issue, but when I flipped through the printed copy Wednesday morning I felt like we had done a good job breaking down some of the most important stories the Times has covered in the last 20 years.

But, that’s enough tooting of our horns, read some of it for yourself, here are a number of links to dig into:

Landing page with links to all the stories
Publisher and founder Alan Leveritt’s thoughts on 20 years
Long-time (as in, the only editor of the paper until Lindsey Millar took over last year) editor Max Brantley’s column about the first 20 years and the next 20