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Catching up, part one

Catching up, part one

Lollie Bottoms.

I’ve been super busy lately with work. This is why I’ve never been able to maintain a blog. I work too much. But, I’m going to work hard to keep this thing fresh for the random person each week who stumbles across it. Or, you know, maybe one day when I start promoting this blog somewhere, it’ll be chock full of content.

Anyway, I’m going to catch up on the last week in a series of posts. This is the first.

In the photo above you see the lovely Lollie Bottoms. I guess it’s technically part of Conway, but it’s sort of a weird farmy area way out near Mayflower. In fact, I often ride through Mayflower to get there.

Saturday I took off on a ride out to the Lollie Bottoms, the first time I had been out there this Spring. Great to see green fields. I rolled out here a lot during the winter when everything was dead. I delayed my ride to avoid some rain, and succeeded in that mission, but failed because the wind was whipping around pretty good. The thing about beautiful empty roads and fields is that there’s not a lot blocking the wind. So, it was a battle, but felt good to get back out to somewhere I hadn’t been in a while. Ride details below.