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Catching up, part two

Catching up, part two

Fresh bar tape

Last Saturday was a busy bike day for me. The previously mentioned 45-mile trek out to Lollie Bottoms and then I re-wrapped my handlebar tape. I had been running with my old tape since I bought the bike more than a year ago. The tape had some chunks missing and was getting way too thin for my comfort.

Since I’ve successfully tuned a rear derailleur, changed numerous flats and can properly clean and lube a drivetrain I figured I could handle some handlebar tape. Just in case I studied numerous YouTube videos and read a couple tutorials on the subject.

I was confident.

Then I started wrapping the bars. Tougher than it looks, but I’m a perfectionist. I wanted this stuff to look good, or at least like the tape I was replacing. Took me probably 20 minutes to wrap the first side. Most of that was trying to perfect the “figure eight” method under the brake hood. By the time I got to the second bar, I was rolling. I had this down now. I did the second bar like I had been wrapping bars all my life.

I’m pretty happy with the job I did, but I took time to make sure it looked like I wanted it to. Hopefully I don’t forget this entire process by the time I have to wrap again.