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Always a headwind

Always a headwind

Bear Hall coming along.

Why does it seem like I’m always riding my bike into a headwind? Maybe it’s just incredibly poor planning on my part. I don’t know, but it happens way too often. Saturday’s ride was no different.

For some reason I chose this week to challenge myself to put some miles on the bike every day. Not that that’s much of a challenge for me, I love riding, so, you know, I did it no problem. Rode 148.43 miles. Had I realized what my total would end up being, I would’ve snuck in a couple extra miles today to make it a nice round 150.

Monday and Tuesday I snuck out after work to get in some longer rides than my normal weekday action. Wednesday brought a new freelance project and the return to my regular short 12.5-mile morning rides. Knocked those out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Today, I knocked out a 45-miler out to the Lollie Bottoms again. I took a hillier way out there to get a little more of a workout. But the hills and a gusty headwind half the ride led to a super slow ride. But it was nice. I don’t know why I worry about speed when I’ve got no reason to be anywhere by a certain time. I need to enjoy my longer rides more.

And I definitely need to hop off the bike and grab some more photos. The highlights of today’s trip was the number of donkeys I saw. For some reason those guys crack me up. They just look funny. And I love it. Puts a big smile on my face, despite the damn head wind. Had I been proactive, I could’ve shared images of the funny donkeys with you.

I also could’ve shared with you photos of cows, horses, a couple chickens and some big ol’ tractors getting after it on the farms. But, I have failed you as a photographer.

I did snap a photo of Bear Hall on the campus of UCA. It’s up there at the top of the post. That’s UCA’s newest residence hall that has some luxury suites for wealthy football fans on the top floor. The ride was almost over and I needed something to document the ride, right?

Anyway, had a good week in the saddle. I’d call it a successful week of training for my upcoming events. The Ranch Ride is next Saturday morning. A 50-mile scoot around Conway. I’m looking forward to it. Expect a full recap. I might even remember to snap some pictures.