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Times covers of note

Times covers of note

Here are three Times covers I wanted to comment about since we last spoke. The cover above was for our annual preview of the Little Rock Film Festival. In the past, we’ve always highlighted a particular film or filmmaker connected to the festival. This year, with no one film or person standing out, we decided to just do a film-poster style cover. We settled on using a Saul Bass-style for our first foray into this idea. We may mimic other iconic movie posters every year, we’ll see. I think we were successful with our first attempt.

Illustration by Bryan Moats.

The second cover is an illustration from Bryan Moats, the Times multi-talented graphic designer and illustrator. This is our annual bar guide. Well, I suppose it’ll be annual. This was the second one in two years. Bryan drew the cover for the first one, too. Bryan always does a great job on the covers for us. Always nice having the illustrator in the office, too. Much easier to get progress updates when you can walk to their desk.

Here’s the last cover I’m going to discuss in this post. A story about phonics, not the sexiest topic to be illustrating. Thankfully, Doug Smith penned the cover story, and Doug is always great about having an idea of what we should be doing on the cover.

This is almost exactly what Doug suggested. It’s only missing a teacher standing in front of the desk. I couldn’t find a stock photo of a teacher that would work, plus I liked how clean it was with just the kid himself.

I really wanted to do an illustration in the fashion of the old Dick and Jane books, but we didn’t have enough time to hunt down an illustrator who could give us what we were after.

But, I think this worked well. Sad kids are going to get people’s attention.