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Piling on the miles

It’s late August now, and the extreme heat seems as though it’s had enough of us in Arkansas. The last couple of weekends have been beautiful (minus a little rain here and there), so I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors and away from the blog.

A couple Saturdays ago, I rolled out to Perry County and basically the Tour de Toad route. I haven’t been out that way in a while. It’s a 50-mile plus ride, and I didn’t feel like messing with that distance back when central Arkansas was baking. On this day the temperatures were in the 70s and 80s. They probably touched the 90s by the time I got back home, but I’ll take that over 110 or hotter any day.

This was probably my best solo ride out this way. It’s a nice course. Pretty flat, but there are lots of rolling hills and a couple small climbs. Lots of fun, and not a lot of traffic. Great ride.

It also covers some of the same ground as the Conway Fall Classic, which is the next event I plan to participate in.

The following Sunday, I started to head out to the Lollie Bottoms for one of my pretty regular rides out that way. But, the legs weren’t really having it, so I spun around at HP in Conway and headed out to my 20-mile flat route that meanders through town. It basically just turned into a slow, enjoyable Sunday ride through Conway.

It’s been a while since I had just relaxed and taken an easy ride around. It’s not like I just zip around hammering the pedals, but I really just lazily rode around on this day. My legs were happy.

Last Saturday I awoke to a soaking rain shower. No bother, it gave me time to get a long overdue oil change. After all that was done, the rain had stopped. I took a glance at the hourly forecast and saw that temperatures were supposed to hang out in the 70s and 80s even after noon. So I decided to just take it easy, eat some lunch and then head out on a ride.

The last time I took an afternoon ride on a weekend had to be probably in May, maybe June, before the temperatures just skyrocketed for most of June and July. At any rate, it was nice to be a little more awake before taking to the streets.

I did make it out to the Lollie Bottoms this time. And then back around through town to tack on nine or 10 more miles for a nice 43-mile ride. It was another slow ride. This time it was mostly because of the wind more than my tired legs. But I wasn’t going to kill myself, either. I think I’m going to wait for highs in the 70s or low 80s before I just go all out on a weekend ride again.

Sunday my plan was to just to take the 20-mile route through town, and add on a 10-mile loop. The plan was going well, I was a couple miles in to the final 10-mile stretch when suddenly I remembered it was move-in day at UCA. Unfortunately that reminder came in the form of running smack dab into all the traffic around the university. I snuck out a side road when I had a chance, and I was back in business.

During the week, I’ve just been putting in four of my usual 12.4-or-so-mile morning rides. Nothing extraordinary there. The days are starting later and ending earlier, and that will probably be affecting the ride schedule in a couple of weeks.

One things for sure, I need to purchase a nice headlight, because I plan on getting in my morning rides as long as possible.