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So, it rained

So, it rained

Went out for a nice ride this morning and came home soaking wet.

Rainy rides always make for a nice collection of sludge from the road.

My rain-soaked legs after the ride.

There was a chance for scattered showers, so I did grab my rain jacket and stuffed it in one of my pockets before heading out. I did, however, forget my trusty cycling cap. (Good for keeping rain out of your face). The thought did cross my mind early on, “Well, since I’ve forgotten my cap, it’s sure to rain now.”

Sure enough.

My plan was to scoot on down to the Lollie Bottoms. The route features a lot of wooded area, so I figure if it did rain the trees would provide a little cover. Well, on my way down Round Mountain Road, a dog in front of me and a car behind me prevented me from turning left to keep on my planned route. I thought about turning around, but I also thought maybe I would just make up a route on the fly.

And I did.

I really wanted to ride about 40 miles or more. When the rain came pouring down I decided to finish up the loop I was on and call it a day. I rode the last 12 miles or so in the rain. Not the whole way, really. There was a nice steady rain for a couple miles, then some sprinkles, then nothing, some more sprinkles, another bit of real rain, and by the time I pulled into my subdivision it had stopped.

The thought crossed my mind to swing back out and add a few more miles. But, I was soaked and hungry. So I was done.