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And then the wind blew

And then the wind blew

Yesterday it was rain, today it was wind and humidity.

Set out looking to go to the Lollie Bottoms again. Ran in to the same dog at the same corner. This guy would be a great man-to-man defender in basketball. He’s not particularly vicious, but he’s big and agile enough to keep you from getting around him. Especially when you’re in the middle of the road on a two-wheeled vehicle.

So, I headed down another road, only to find that it doesn’t really get you anywhere, so I turned around and when back down the rolling hills of Wasson Rd. (Which are great fun, by the way). Got passed by a couple cars going up the last rolling hill, and nearly caught them on the way down as I topped out at 37 mph.

After I played around in the hills, I trucked it through town for another 20 miles or so, battling the wind. It was a steady 10 mph, with some strong gusts every once and a while. Loads of fun.

Humidity has also made its unwelcome return this weekend. Temperatures were in the 80s, but I was dripping sweat like it was 100. Can’t wait for some cooler, drier air.