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Isaac forgot his wind

Isaac forgot his wind

Hurricane turned Tropical Storm turned Tropical Depression Isaac dumped some rain on Arkansas on Thursday and Friday. Saturday the rain was lingering in the north, but mostly gone. The wind, however, was still hanging around.

By no means was it blowing as hard Saturday as it was the previous two days, but it was pretty gusty out of doors Saturday morning. Otherwise, it was pretty nice. And for probably the first time, I actually had a tailwind most of the latter part of my 46-mile ride.

To avoid the dog that started messing with me last week, I altered my usual jaunt out to the Lollie Bottoms. This time, I took a left to continue on Sturgis Road rather than heading down Round Mountain, which is where the dog lives. After rolling down Sturgis, I hit Highway 365 to Mayflower, and then rolled down Highway 89, which turns into Lollie Rd.

Truth be told, this is the route I actually prefer. Round Mountain Road is barely paved and incredibly rough. I like heading out that way, though, because you get a couple hills to climb and there’s just hardly any traffic on Round Mountain.

But Highway 365 is flat and even though there’s more traffic, there is a huge shoulder, which is like a luxury lane for cyclists. I did head back down Round Mountain so I did get a couple little climbs in. Also whizzed by the dog who’s been giving me grief. All he could do was chase me as I flew by at 20 mph.

This ride marked the first time in several weeks that I had no real issues. Everything went as planned, even with the crazy wind. I need to get another couple good, long rides before the Conway Fall Classic on Sept. 15.