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Words aren’t good enough

I saw something Sunday that I never wanted to see, didn’t expect to see and never want to see again. Just a few minutes into a group ride, we were in a turning lane signaling to turn left when a vehicle comes speeding around us from seemingly out of nowhere. Just as the front of the group was turning the driver of the vehicle slammed on his breaks. The lead cyclist made contact with the vehicle, but somehow,┬ámiraculously, the others near the car were able to get out of the way. The car flew off the road, smashed into a utility pole, spun around and stopped.

The range of emotions that came next was unbelievable. A day later I’m still running the whole scene over in my head constantly.

Bottom line, when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle, take that shit seriously. There are other people on the road. Not just cyclists. Pedestrians, folks walking dogs, other people in vehicles. Slow down and pay attention. There is nothing so important that you have to put others lives at risk to get where you’re going a little faster.

I’ve ridden with this group of guys a few times last spring and just recently made an effort to get back out with them on Sundays. I don’t know them well, but I truly respect these guys and seeing what I saw yesterday just makes me sick.

One of the other cyclists riding in our group Sunday was Rob Gilliom. He has written a note on Facebook that sums the accident up better than I ever could. Click here to read it. Share it. Everyone that’s ever driven needs to read this.

I’m not going to stop riding my bike. In fact, I’ve ridden 53 or so miles since the accident. I have always felt safe riding around Conway. But it can always be better, always be safer. Sad that incidents like this have to occur to wake people up.

Be safe out there folks.