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Humidity is killing me

Humidity is killing me

I only got in a touch over 20 miles today. After about 45 minutes, I was just feeling miserable. The humidity is really doing a number on me. I just couldn’t get comfortable and turned for home far earlier than I really wanted to.

This is the first time I remember feeling so horrible while riding. Generally, riding makes me feel better, not terrible. It’s never fun trudging up that final hill on a hot day, but once you coast down and get back to flat land, you still feel pretty good.

That wasn’t the case today. I was dripping sweat like it was in the 90s, but it had only gotten to 78 by the time I made it back home. Sweat was dripping off the bill of my cycling cap. The only time I ever remember sweat dripping off my bill previously is last summer on 90-degree days. Never have I sweated as much as I did today when the temperatures hadn’t even broken 80. Crazy.

Looks like relief is on the way next week. I can’t wait.