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Battling what’s left of the bulge

Those of you, if there are any of you, that follow this blog know that a couple of years a go I dropped a bunch of weight.

Since I started riding a real bike, and not the stationary one at the gym, my gym time started falling off. Why go exercise in a building, when I could make the world my gym? And once I got a strong stable of winter cycling gear, I kissed goodbye to the gym in its entirety.

And, when my wife got a new job which meant my discounted membership to the gym would be no more, I couldn’t have cared in the least.

There is one thing about the gym, though. It’s a good place to work on the rest of your body. Yeah, I’m good on cardio, and there doesn’t seem to be much of a need to do any leg work.

But, how ’bout this upper body I’ve got going on? It’s not great.

I mean, it ain’t what it was when I was rocking 322 pounds. But, I’d definitely consider myself “skinny-fat” or “fat-skinny” or whatever. I’ve still got some love handle action. I’m also not sure I could do a pushup.

Since I haven’t really set any goals for myself in a while, I’ve decided to go ahead and tackle some of my upper body issues.

First, I’m going to get to work on this lousy core of mine. There’s no doubt that a strong core makes you a better cyclist. So, of course I’m going to work on this first.

And, boy do I have a long way to go. A few months ago, I tried some core exercises I found in an issue of Bicycling magazine and quickly discovered that my core is pathetic. Then I turned to some beginner core exercises.

I could handle those, but I went ahead and crashed my bike back in June and derailed my ab work. You see, some of these new exercises I found involved laying on my side and such. Well, since I left a good chunk of DNA from my hip on the road, laying on my side on a hard floor was hardly how I wanted to spend my time.

I continued to ride, but the strong core idea drifted away. For some reason, this week, I decided I need to get back on track.

I found a month-long progressive ab workout. You start basically doing nothing and by the end of the month, you’re doing a reasonable amount of work on those abs. I figure this will be just a jumping off point to eventually get into a pretty good core routine.

And now that I’ve written about it, it makes me feel like I need to be a little more accountable. I’ve also printed off the workout so that I can check off the progress as I go. I’m two days in and killing it so far. It’s also easy so far.

But tell that to my abs, they haven’t seen this much activity in a while.