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Looking back

Looking back

I was looking for something in an old issue of the Times. By old, I mean, one year old. Anyway, I just stumbled across a particular spread I found interesting. It’s the spread pictured above.

There’s nothing just groundbreaking about it, but for some reason I stopped and stared at it for a while. I really just like the way I designed the pages. I probably didn’t think anything of it at the time. In fact, I was probably displeased with the way the issue looked at the time. I feel like that’s usually my feeling. Once we get the issue to press, I always think, “Man, I really didn’t do that great this week.”

It’s kind of a weird feeling. Prior to this job, I worked at daily newspapers. There just simply wasn’t time, a lot of the time, to think about your design decisions. You committed to something and had to roll with it, because the paper was going to press in five hours.

Now I’ve got an entire week to work on an issue, but by the time it’s at the printer, I still feel like it wasn’t enough time.

But, just like this time, I’ve found when I go back and look at pages I’m actually pretty pleased with how it’s turned out. But it takes months for me to go back and really study my work. Then, I’m happy with it.

Insecurity, man, it’s a bitch. I’ve got a pretty good feeling I’m not the only designer in the world who has it.